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“See your life as a pyramid and the base of it determined by the diversity your life’s experiences. The further you venture into the world, the further apart you can get places you’ve been, people you know, things you’ve done the greater your pyramid will be at the end of your life. Travel beyond your comfort zone.”
Go Big. Go Now. Scott Goetz, Fierce Traveler

Scott Goetz is Fierce Traveler

Scott Goetz is…a travel journalist whose frequent contributions to magazines Robb Report, Elite Traveler, Town & Country, Travel & Leisure, Outside, Men’s Journal, Four Seasons Magazine and Concierge.com have sent him on assignment searching for world’s most exclusive destinations, luxurious accommodations and ultra-adventure hot spots – a ten year quest that has sent him to 96 countries.

Constantly in search of the perfect connection- spiritual, physical or emotional –
that truly represents a particular place. Often this means pushing beyond his comfort zone, going to any extreme to get that moment, because experience has taught him that without that moment – that real moment that connects you to a place and its people – the trip is incomplete. Scott’s zany sense of humor and zealous sense of adventure ensure many not-to-be-missed (or believed) moments.

Goetz is soon to launch Fierce Traveler, an entertainment and travel portal which takes armchair travelers ride shotgun on assignment with Goetz, a man whose fearlessness and ability to laugh at himself uses comedy to inspire people to live outside their comfort zone and truly connect to a destination and its people.

The multimedia site includes articles, lifestyle consulting, and video, focusing on the most interesting destinations, people, food, hotels and suites of the world searchable on the site in different ways:

  • Read (Articles published from a decade long careeer of writing for the world’s top luxury, Adventure and Men’s magazines
  • Location (pins on a map)
  • Interest (food, animals, history, culture, land and the stay)
  • Fierce TV (videos filterable by Goetz’s character traits or Tools of the Trade he calls his “Packing List”)